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Lenten Schedule

What is Lent?

Learn how to cope with Grief

Recent Sermons

Fun Family Wednesday

Bethel Preschool

University Lutheran Chapel

Public Worship

Saturday Evening
    Traditional Worship    5:00 PM

Sunday Traditional
  Worship   8:30 AM
Sunday Contemporary
  Worship    11:15 AM

The sacrament of Holy Communion is celebrated at all services on the First, Third, and Fifth Weekends of the month.

Sunday School, 10:00 AM

  • Small Children's opening
  • Youth classes
  • Adult class

See facilities map for classroom locations.

Nursery is provided for children 3 years old and younger during both Sunday worship services and the Sunday School hour.

Gatherings During the Week

  • Ladies Bible Study 9:30 AM Tuesday
  • Men's Study and Game group 7:30 PM Monday evening
  • Men's Bible Study 6:30 AM Friday morning
  • Saturday Evening Bible Study (Sanctuary) 6:00 PM

Elected Church Officers

This is a listing of currently elected Church Officers. All positions are for two years, elected at the May Voters' Assembly meeting. Half of the positions are elected each year.

2017-2018 Officers
Church Council Witness & Outreach
PresidentJohn O'Neill Josh Addison
Vice PresidentPreston Kissman Liesel Bronstad
SecretaryTerry Paholek ChairmanChuck Burgess
TreasurerDavid Bronstad Lance Lindsey
Head UsherIan Janda Debbie Smith
Rosemary Schoenfeld Bryan Tomlin
Elders Stewardship
Bill Benfer
Mike Caudle Milton Catalina
Charlie Coble Cindy Frenzel
Marty Criswell ChairmanSusan Gade
ChairmanKen Denmark Morris Guyton
Jimmy Dunn Cheryl Jones
Justin Ellison Barbara Kasper
Terry Hausenfluck Justin Perkins
Adam Janec Shay Simpson
Eric Jones Marcy Ullmann
George McIlhaney Early Childhood Education
Greg Montgomery David Fleeger
Craig Murphy Joyce Jones
Mike Sadler ChairmanJoyce Juntune
Richard Siegel Jennifer Klose
Doug Symmank Joalla Schilling
Tommy Thompson Pat Wallace
Foster Ullmann Cheryl Wendler
Parish Education Trustees
Kristy Addison Mark Deike
Alex Janda Jeremy Drager
Rachel Lewis ChairmanGene Eastman
ChairmanAndrea Murphy Brad Hildebrandt
Heidi Murphy Allen Hold
Amy Perkins John Kappler
Becky Sisco Jared Klatt
Diana Tomlin Rodney Murphy
Nick West Finance
Karen Beesaw
Community Service Bobbie Denmark
Glenda Duncan Frances Duchmasclo
Jacob Gaster Helen Grimes
Samantha Gaster Dorothy Herwald
Josh Zehnder Ida Mae Kaspar
ChairmanRebecca Zehnder Wayne LePori
Franklin Schroeder

Bethel Lutheran Church's Mission is declaring the Gospel to those who do not know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, calling them into faith, while sharing and strengthening the faith of our members and fellow believers.