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Bethel Preschool

University Lutheran Chapel

Public Worship

Saturday Evening
    Traditional Worship    5:00 PM

Sunday Traditional
  Worship   8:30 AM
Sunday Contemporary
  Worship    11:15 AM

The sacrament of Holy Communion is celebrated at all services on the First, Third, and Fifth Weekends of the month.

Sunday School, 10:00 AM

  • Small Children's opening
  • Youth classes
  • Adult class

See facilities map for classroom locations.

Nursery is provided for children 3 years old and younger during both Sunday worship services and the Sunday School hour.

Gatherings During the Week

  • Ladies Bible Study 9:30 AM Tuesday
  • Men's Study and Game group 7:30 PM Monday evening
  • Men's Bible Study 6:30 AM Friday morning
  • Saturday Evening Bible Study (Sanctuary) 6:00 PM

Bethel Lutheran Church
Sunday School

It is the goal of our Sunday School to partner with our families in the Christian education of our children and youth.

We present the plan of salvation as taught in the Bible. We do this as not merely an academic exercise, but as something that touches daily lives.

We teach the Bible as God's Word. We center on the words of St. John in John 20:31 -
But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.

The purpose of our study is to expose the children and youth to God's Word, and in doing so have the Holy Spirit work in their lives.

Bethel Sunday School's Mission
Sunday School Openings
2014-2015 Sunday School Classes:
2 Year Olds
3 Year Olds
4 Year Olds
5 Year Olds
1st & 2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th & 6th Grade
Adults - 1st Corinthians
Adults - Paul's Missionary Journeys
Mid Week Studies:
Women's Tuesday Morning
Ladies Lunch Bunch
Men's Monday Evening
Men's Friday Morning

Sunday School Opening, 10:00

3-5 Year Olds

Betty Moerbe, Leader
Room 133 - View Facility Map

2 an 3 year old class

1st - 4th Grade Music

Trish Nipps &
Rebecca Zehnder, Leaders

Room 234 - View Facility Map


We have a nursery available during the Sunday School hour as well as during both Worship services. This nursery is available to children through the age of three years. It is staffed with two certified nursery specialists on Sunday mornings.
Children's Nursery

Room 152 - View Facility Map


Bethel has three separate playgrounds areas available for youth. One of these is fenced and intended for young children 5 years old and younger. The other two playground areas are intended for older children.

Play Ground
Young Children's Playground
Play Ground
Older Children's Playground



Teachers:Kristen Royder
Room 149 - View Facility Map
Trevor Royder
Rosie Schoenfeld
Paul Schoenfeld

2 an 3 year old class


Teachers:Jennifer Klose
Room 133 - View Facility Map
Martha Delovio
Taylor Kouba

2 an 3 year old class


Teachers:Amy Perkins
Room 137 - View Facility Map
Desiree Engram
Holly Cheshire
Valarie Markert
Dawn Spence
Bridgette West

4 and 5 year old class


Teachers:Betty Moerbe
Room 142 - View Facility Map
Charlotte Hold
Kristi Addison
Joalla Shilling


Teachers:Kim Rutledge
Room 241 - View Facility Map
Diane & Brian Tomlin
Kelly Montgomery
Tracy Nettles (sub)

1st and 2nd grade class


Teachers:Nikki Pratt
Room 234 - View Facility Map
Vickie Deike
Carrie Hildebrandt

3rd and 4th grade class


Teachers:Katy Ellison
Room 238 - View Facility Map
Justin Ellison
Joyce Jones (sub)

3rd and 4th grade class


Teachers:John Moravec
Room 233 - View Facility Map
Allen Hold

5th and 6th grade class

7th & 8th Grade Class

Teachers:DCE Randy Moerbe
Room 237 - View Facility Map
Connie Brocksmith

7th & 8th grade class

Youth Class

Teachers:Steven Klose
Room 239 - View Facility Map
Connie Silber

High School class

Sunday Adult Classes

"They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching . . ." Acts 2:42

ADULT CLASS - Gospel of Mark

Leader: Pastor BardParish Hall - View Facility Map
Study Topic:

Pastor's class

ADULT CLASS - Christian Prayer

Leader: Pete Schmid Room 232 - View Facility Map
Study Topic:

Midweek Bible Studies

Ladies Tuesday Morning

Leader:Pastor Bard
Room 232 - View Facility Map
Study Topic:

Fellowship time starts around 9:30am and class at 10 AM. They will be studying 1st & 2nd Peter. We have child care available for this class.

Ladies Lunch Bunch

Ladies Lunch Bunch meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 11:30 at The Blue Backer on University Drive.

Come enjoy lunch, fellowship, and a time of devotion with discussion in the presence of other ladies.

Men's Monday Evening

Room 241 - View Facility Map
Study Topic: This men's group is meeting Monday evenings in room 241 at 7:30 PM. We select a study weekly from a prepared folder of short studies. We usually have snacks and play dominoes afterward. All Men are welcome to come join us.

Men's Friday Morning

Room 232 - View Facility Map
Study Topic:The Friday morning group meets at 6:30 AM and feeds not only the soul, but the stomach as well (breakfast is served). Study Topics vary.

Men's Friday morning

Bethel Lutheran Church's Mission is declaring the Gospel to those who do not know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, calling them into faith, while sharing and strengthening the faith of our members and fellow believers.